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  1. After downloading MultiConn it must be extracted to C:\MultiConn Please make sure it goes to this directory and not C:\MultiConn\MultiConn or another directory Once extracted to the correct directory you can run MultiConn by running the mirc.exe file as normal. Once MultiConn is running to setup the connection to a pre configured network IE Koach follow these steps Click on the the icon second from the left in the Icon bar along the top as shown in the following image This will bring up MultiConns main connection dialog. In this case we are setting up for Koach so in the left hand side make sure to click on Koach under the Networks Tree Fill in your nickname and password (these are the nickname and password used with nickserv) Auto Connect - When selected when you click the connect button it will auto connect to Koach otherwise you will manually have to connect). Auto Join Room - will auto join the rooms list on the right when you connect to Koach IRC. SSL Connector - Well make MultiConn connect to Koach via ssl, otherwise it will connect via normal irc connection. Block Queries - Will block PM's when selected. You can Set the rooms you want to auto join by clicking the Add Room button and typing in the room name leaving off the # (which will be added to the room automatically). Once set you can close out the Settings dialog. To actually connect to the preconfigured networks you have set auto connect on click on the first icon in the icon bar
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    Version 3.0


    MultiConn was originally designed by err0r at tg007.net Designed to work with the following networks Buzzen ChainScriptz Koach Oasiz SPCN ECN IRCWX But will connect to any irc network. Has built in Auto Oper, Auto Join, mp3 player, emoticons, screenshot uploader, theme options (sounds, icons etc) tip alerts, font and colour system, and many more features.
  3. Friday January 20th, 2017. All ircd's will be upgraded to the newest version. Should only be a few minutes downtime as the servers are rebooted and linked again.
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    Pic of my truck all done up!
  5. Image uploads should be working again. If you notice any issues please let us know and we will look into the issue further.
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